Acceptance Categories

Graduate students at Stevens may be admitted into three categories:   

Full Admission 

Applicant has submitted all official documents - Proof of undergraduate degree/diploma, all other official transcripts, test scores (TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo, GRE/GMAT, whichever applicable) and is fully admitted. Once admitted, no additional action is needed on student's end.   

Provisional Admission 

Applicants who are unable to supply official documentation of all required documentation and have submitted one or more documents that are unofficial - transcripts, diploma, test scores (TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo, GRE/GMAT - whichever applicable) are evaluated based on unofficial documents.   

Action to be taken by student: Admitted students are required to submit all official documents before the start of their first semester at Stevens Institute of Technology. Students that are unable to meet this deadline will need to communicate directly with Graduate Admissions. If students fail to clear these required provisions, an administrative hold will be placed on their academic record preventing registration for any future semester.    

Conditional Admission

During the review of an application, it may be determined that a student should be admitted to a graduate program with post-admission academic conditions that must be met. The academic condition(s) may require the student to maintain a certain grade point average, to take a certain number of semester hours of coursework, or to successfully complete specific graduate courses.   

Action to be taken by student: The admission letter will indicate that the student may have post-admission academic conditions that must be met. Continuation in the program as a degree-seeking student is contingent upon fulfilling specific requirements stipulated in the admission letter. If the student does not fulfill the academic conditions, they will be barred from subsequent registration.