Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Academics

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS) offers M.Eng. and M.S. programs in chemical engineering and materials science and engineering; Ph.D. programs; a chemical engineer professional degree; and graduate certificate programs that are career springboards for everything from manufacturing and design to research and development.

You’ll work alongside professors known for their expertise in high-demand fields such as alternative energy, biomaterials and tissue microenvironment, and nanomaterials assembly. You’ll design and develop new and practical solutions to issues that impact our society in on-campus, state-of-the-art research laboratories focusing on areas such as polymer processing, biopolymers, advanced chemical processing, alternative energy production, biofuels, tissue microenvironment, nanomaterials assembly and coatings, and microchemical systems.

Our convenient location just 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan fosters unlimited career potential by connecting you with networking and internship opportunities within academia and industry — including Fortune 500 companies.

Job-specific knowledge rarely falls in the category of a certain course or curriculum, and majors try to cover as many topics as possible, but I firmly believe few do this as well as Stevens. Department professors were always proactive in sharing their research and interests with us. – Own Jappen, Alumnus Chemical Engineering, Industry Award Winner

Chemical and Materials Student Association

In addition to the rigorous academic courses and world-class research offered at Stevens, student organizations support a variety of co-curricular or extra-curricular interests and pursuits. The Chemical and Materials Student Association (CMSA) strives to provide CEMS graduate students with a stimulating and interactive learning experience by organizing guest lectures, leadership opportunities, and an open, social learning environment. Through collaboration with other student organizations like the Materials Research Society and offices on campus like the Office of Career Development, CMSA helps students gain access to teaching and outreach activities as well as national networks of CEMS graduates working in academia and in the industry.

Lectures and Seminars

Periodically, we invite a preeminent scientist for a sequence of informal talks and formal lectures. Awareness of recent developments in your field is an important component of professional development. Therefore, attendance at seminars is required of all graduate students enrolled full-time in degree programs, and all doctoral students.

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