The Stevens MBA highlights the potential of technology, data and analytics, with careful emphasis on teaching students to mine large volumes of information for important insights and apply those insights in making better decisions for the enterprise.

The Stevens MBA recognizes that managers may not need coding skills, but they must be capable of using analytical and quantitative tools in solving business problems. The engineering element in Stevens' DNA is felt through applied exercises that prepare students to become leaders who are comfortable rolling up their sleeves and putting theory into practice — whether to their peers in the classroom or to executives in the boardroom.

Coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations, and develops creative, critical thinkers through the incorporation of the latest faculty research in management, analytics, innovation and marketing. The practical value of a Stevens MBA is reinforced through the Field Consulting Program, which pairs students with a partner company to help solve a real problem or explore an opportunity the business is considering. Students then recommend a course of action in a formal presentation to management.

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The Stevens MBA creates leaders through a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking and an analytical mindset, preparing students to effectively integrate new technologies and make tough decisions based on the data.

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