Traditional finance jobs are disappearing as digital currencies, automated investing, mobile banking and high-frequency trading require leaders to bring a new set of technology skills to decision making.

Whether you aspire to a management position in the finance department of your company, or seek to climb the ladder in the financial services sector, the master’s degree in Finance at Stevens will teach you to apply new tools in solving problems, anticipating trends and creating value through technology.

“Everyone who's in this industry can feel technology moving the ground under their feet. This program will help professionals understand and manage these unprecedented changes.”

Dr. George Calhoun, Director, Stevens Financial Systems Center

This program will give you a comprehensive foundation in financial and economic topics, as well as an understanding of common financial technologies and how to use them to exploit opportunity. You will apply quantitative thinking to the challenges of managing finance, while developing a specialty in an area of greatest interest to your career, such as investment banking or financial analytics.

High-tech financial center offers a degree of prestige

Finance and technology programs at Stevens benefit from the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, a one-of-a-kind teaching and research facility that's home to two labs outfitted with the latest in analytical and visualization tools.

The right finance degree for your future

Stevens offers a number of finance-related graduate programs — a result of its technology orientation and its location just outside Wall Street. Here’s a primer to help you choose the right program.

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