The Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI) is an interdisciplinary, tech-driven collaboration of engineering, business, systems and design experts working toward solving pressing global problems in industry and the world. 

Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence is composed of more than 65 faculty members from all academic units at Stevens (engineering, business, systems and arts & music) researching a variety of applications in AI and machine learning. SIAI hopes to amplify the impact of its research and analysis through collaborations with industry, government, foundations and academic partners.


Artificial intelligence is transforming the world and industry as we know it, and the future of AI remains seemingly limitless. In a world where AI-enabled innovation continues to rapidly evolve, SIAI and its Stevens collaborators will synergistically develop solutions to real-world problems.

Founded on that premise, the SIAI envisions the exploration of opportunities to advance AI and machine learning to serve humanity and to improve disciplines such as healthcare, business operations, the workplace and education.

This vision will flourish through the convergence of faculty research, the positive impact of partner organizations and agencies, foundational research sponsors like the National Science Foundation, National Institutes for Health and the Department of Defense; and the deployment of AI and machine learning solutions for business advantage, social good, and national security.

Experience and Expertise

Cross-disciplinary collaboration among faculty and research experts from Stevens’ Schaefer School of Engineering and Science, School of Business, School of Systems and Enterprises and College of Arts and Letters gives SIAI a forward-thinking, holistic approach to exploring complex problems and creative new solutions that impact society while advancing the engineering and science of artificial intelligence and machine learning.