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The Davidson Lab is Stevens Institute of Technology's renowned marine research laboratory, which operates in two primary areas: marine monitoring and forecasting and experimental marine hydrodynamics (ship design and evaluation).

Davidson Laboratory resilience projects are discreet, actionable and designed to change the status quo. We solve real-world problems in critical infrastructure and urban systems in and around New York Harbor that attract the best minds, internationally, and whose solutions can be applied globally.


The Davidson Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology is a global leader in delivering new knowledge, advanced technologies and higher education in support of forecasting for extreme weather events, coastal resilience and marine hydrodynamics.

The Davidson Lab uniquely integrates the fields of naval architecture, coastal and ocean engineering, physical oceanography, marine hydrodynamics and maritime systems to create a trans-disciplinary enterprise that can address both the highly-specialized issues confronting each discipline, as well as the more complex, integrated issues facing natural systems and human-made maritime activities. The inclusion of undergraduate and graduate students in this collaborative research endeavor continues a long Stevens tradition in which students, faculty and industry jointly create new technologies to address societal and environmental challenges.

Urban Ocean Physics and Coastal Engineering

  • The Davidson Laboratory created and maintains the New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System (NYHOPS), a vital forecasting resource for emergency preparedness in the metro New York City area and coastal New Jersey.
    • In October 2012, the Laboratory's Hurricane Sandy predictions proved accurate and vital, attracting the attention of CNN, The Weather Channel and other national media.
    • Davidson Lab experts also create innovative infrastructure and coastline rebuilding solutions and assess the effectiveness of municipal shore protection initiatives, beach erosion mitigation plans and zoning laws to prepare for future natural disasters.
  • The Davidson Lab is also responsible for the Stevens Flood Advisory System (SFAS), a fully-automated, ensemble-based flood advisory system that dynamically integrates real-time observations and river and coastal flood models forced by an ensemble of meteorological models at various scales to produce and serve street scale flood forecasts over urban terrain during extreme rain events or storm surges.
    • These and other resilience research initiatives represent ongoing efforts to visualize flooding, and to demonstrate these critical conditions to the general public.

Experimental Marine Hydrodynamics

For more than 80 years, the Davidson Laboratory has conducted physical experiments on marine craft and marine and coastal structures to determine how they interact with their environment. The Laboratory was at the forefront of the combination of numerical and computational experimentation, and Stevens remains at the forefront of expertise and excellence in physical and numerical hydrodynamic modeling. The Lab's unique facilities and special expertise are utilized daily by marine, aerospace and defense industry leaders, federal and municipal agencies, and a host of private and academic research groups both within and outside Stevens.

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