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Operational Excellence Certificate

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While operations and supply chain best practices are well-developed disciplines, few could have anticipated the cascade effect of geopolitical confrontation, trade conflicts and global pandemic. Businesses are reconsidering their own assumptions and investments in infrastructure, processes, people and education. Technology, in particular, is playing an outsized role, as the ability to use predictive analytics, machine learning and data visualization has become a requirement for professionals working in supply-chain management.

The Stevens graduate certificate in Operational Excellence is a flexible, four-course program that teaches you the advanced quantitative and analytical techniques required to assess, create and improve corporate operations. Courses emphasize the learning and application of tools and methods to specific problems in operations management. Examples and cases covered in the certificate emphasize physical product supply chains, but the concepts taught are equally applicable to digital operations.

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to: 

  • Understand the tools and methods necessary to implement smarter strategy in supply-chain management.

  • Apply analytical skills in solving real, data-rich problems in the areas of supplier analytics, capacity planning, demand-supply matching, sales and operations planning, location analysis and network management, inventory management, and sourcing.

  • Think critically about overall operations productivity and total quality management.

  • Understand issues surrounding the application of emerging technologies in the operations area of technology-based businesses.  

  • Successfully bring new strategies, methodologies, techniques and tools into the organization.

This certificate is ideal for professionals who directly manage, support or service corporate operations. Familiarity with calculus and statistics (especially undergraduate coursework in both areas) is required.