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MBA and M.E. or M.S. in Computer Engineering Dual Degree Master’s Program

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Master of Engineering, Master of Science, or Dual-Degree MBA


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The dual MS/ME-MBA degree will enhance your strategic thinking, and management skills while providing you with technical expertise in areas such as computer architecture, embedded systems, networking, and algorithms.

The combination of computer engineering and business education prepares you for leadership roles that require a deep understanding of both business operations and advanced technical knowledge. Choose from a Master of Science degree involving research or a Master of Engineering degree which does not.

Program Benefits:

Specialization Opportunities: Gain the skillset to manage teams in specialized areas of computer engineering, such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, robotics, or software engineering. 

Leadership: Acquire the knowledge needed for leadership roles within technology teams or research projects. 

Project Management: Excel in project management roles, overseeing technical projects while understanding the broader organizational and business contexts.


  • Technical Project Manager

  • Systems Integration Manager

  • Data Science Manager

  • IT Project Manager

  • Information Security Manager

  • Digital Transformation Manager

About The Stevens MBA Program

Few MBA programs consider how rapidly the data revolution has changed the ways managers recognize opportunities and identify trends. This innovated STEM MBA is taught by faculty who understand the traditional managerial toolkit — marketing, strategy and finance — must be complemented by skills in technology and analytics to create success.

Your MBA courses will feature applied exercises that prepare you to be a leader who is capable of making fast, data-supported decisions. MBA coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations and develops your creativity and critical thinking skills through the incorporation of new analytical tools and the latest research insights. 

*A STEM-designated program allows students from outside of the U.S. to be eligible for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training (OPT).

MBA Core Courses

About The M.S. Or M.E. In Computer Engineering Program

The computer engineering master’s program trains you for careers in the computer engineering field that require advanced and specialized knowledge in areas like computer systems, real-time and embedded systems, data communications and networks, digital system design, image processing and multimedia, information systems, information systems security and intelligent systems.

By the end of the program, you’ll have impressive accomplishments in hardware and software development under your belt — as well the highly respected reputation of a Stevens engineering degree.

Degree Requirements

The program is a 30-credit degree program. Students are required to complete:

  • 1 mathematical foundation course (3 credits)

  • 4 core courses (12 credits)

  • 3 concentration courses in a chosen concentration (9 credits)

  • 2 elective courses (6 credits) 


  • Embedded Systems

  • Software and Data Engineering

  • Networks and Security

  • Artificial Intelligence

Stevens MBA: Facts & Figures

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