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Dual MS-MBA in Information Systems Master's Programs

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This dual degree provides a blend of coding skills and leadership perspectives, transforming you into a creative problem-solver able to stay ahead of the rapid pace of technology.

  • Learn to take an analytics-intensive approach to topics like digital innovation and cybersecurity to guide technology strategies.
  • Learn to frame problems from the perspective of a CIO, driving organizational change through technology.
  • Become more innovative about developing and deploying technologies that help businesses accomplish strategic priorities.
  • Learn how technology creates strategic advantages for businesses.
  • Become a leader who is capable of making fast, data-supported decisions.
  • A blend of tech-centric management courses prepares you for the challenges of leadership.

The dual MS-MBA degree is designed for students that seek to have a deep technical knowledge in Information Systems (IS) as well as strong management skills and qualifications. A technical Master of Science degree coupled with an MBA provides a great mixture of education and creates a well-rounded employee. This joint degree will give Information Systems students strong business management skills to complement the Information Systems degree, accelerating their growth into management positions and opening up a more diverse selection of career choices. Students will earn two separate degrees master's degrees in this dual degree program.

Core Courses

MGT 808 is a 0-credit pre-requisite for MGT 809. 

Elective Courses

Students are required to take 4 electives (12 credits) of Information Systems (MIS) courses. Electives must be approved by an advisor. Students seeking a more structured approach can use elective courses to pursue one of the concentrations listed below.

About The Stevens MBA Program

Few MBA programs consider how rapidly the data revolution has changed the ways managers recognize opportunities and identify trends. This innovated STEM MBA is taught by faculty who understand the traditional managerial toolkit — marketing, strategy and finance — must be complemented by skills in technology and analytics to create success.

Your MBA courses will feature applied exercises that prepare you to be a leader who is capable of making fast, data-supported decisions. MBA coursework emphasizes collaboration through group projects and presentations and develops your creativity and critical thinking skills through the incorporation of new analytical tools and the latest research insights. 

*A STEM-designated program allows students from outside of the U.S. to be eligible for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training (OPT).

About The M.S. In Information Systems Program

Today's information systems manager needs to have a thorough command not only of technology — security, compliance, analytics, mobile networks and cloud-based systems — but of business, and the way employees use technology to get the job done. The Information Systems master's program brings an analytics-intensive approach to topics like digital innovation and cybersecurity, empowering you as a decision-maker whose insights guide technology strategy across the enterprise.

Courses in the Information Systems master's program encourage information systems consultants, IT auditors, and project managers to frame problems from the perspective of a CIO who drives organizational change through technology. A curricular balance of new coding skills and leadership perspectives will turn you into a creative problem-solver able to stay ahead of the rapid pace of technology.

M.S. in Information Systems Careers

  • Business/Technology Consultant

  • Product Manager

  • Data Analyst

  • IT Project Manager

  • Solutions/Cloud Architect

  • Developer

Stevens MBA Careers

The Master of Business Administration develops in-demand knowledge and skills to put you on track for career success in a variety of roles like:

  • Strategy Consultant

  • Data Analyst

  • Operations Consultant

  • Sales Operation Consultant

  • Risk Manager

  • Investment Manager

M.S. in Information Systems: Facts & Figures

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Stevens MBA: Facts & Figures

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