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Business Undecided

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Technology is changing business fast. Fortunately, when it comes to choosing your major, you don't have to rush.

The business undecided program is a platform to experience important concepts in business and technology under the careful tutelage of faculty and your advisor. This is not a degree-granting major; rather, it is a pathway to self-discovery that will help you understand the business landscape while encouraging your curiosity and creativity around technology. 

You may enroll in the School of Business with an undeclared major and follow the business undecided curriculum for two years, after which you will declare a major and pursue more specialized courses that will prepare you for the early-career success that distinguishes Stevens alumni. Business students are able to take on paid research assignments with faculty or complete internships in their first two years, giving them the opportunity to test out different disciplines to see which most closely aligns with their career interests.

Many students who follow this path eventually pursue a Business & Technology major, which allows them to pair a business concentration, like Finance or Marketing, with a technology concentration in anything from Computer Science to Green Technology.

Uniquely Stevens

Students who enter the business undecided program enjoy the technology- and analytics-intensive approach to business that makes our programs distinct. Even introductory-level classes in finance, accounting and marketing emphasize the digital transformation reshaping the business world, giving you valuable perspective on a changing corporate landscape before you declare a major.