Jacqueline Libby (jlibby)

Jacqueline Libby

Assistant Professor

School of Systems and Enterprises


Dr. Libby's research interests are in medical robotics, soft robotics, and physical Human-Robot Interaction (pHRI). This includes research and technology in mechatronics, mechanical design, kinematics, dynamics, controls, biosignal processing, 3D printing, fabrication, machine perception, computer vision, active learning, and software engineering. My lab's mission is to build robotic systems which physically interact with the human body to provide both musculoskeletal and neuromuscular rehabilitation.

General Information

Dr. Libby has expertise in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning, and Rehabilitation Engineering. She received her B.Sc. from Brown University in Computer Science and her M.Sc. from Carnegie Mellon University in Mechanical Engineering. She earned her Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, with a focus on field robotics. Dr. Libby was awarded a two-year fellowship for her post-doctorate from NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress. This fellowship enabled her to pursue her interest in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of engineering and rehabilitation medicine. At NYU, she mentored students in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Robotics. While at NYU, she also taught a Master's level applied machine learning course. Dr. Libby started in September, 2023 as an Assistant Professor at Stevens. She will build a research team that develops novel smart health technologies. She hopes to combine her background in soft robotics, mechanical design, machine learning, robotic perception, biosensing, and software engineering to build fully integrated systems for physical Human-Robot Interaction in the medical domain.

Institutional Service

  • SSE Software Engineering Academic Committee Member

Professional Service

  • IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics Reviewer
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering Reviewer
  • IEEE International Symposium on Medical Robotics Reviewer


Assistant Professor, School of Systems and Enterprises (Sep 2023 - Present), Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Honors and Awards

CUSP Postdoctoral Associate Award, 2021
Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), New York University
Two-year postdoctoral fellowship to conduct groundbreaking interdisciplinary work between the Tandon School of Engineering and NYU School of Medicine.

Nomination for Best Automation Paper, 2011
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
Paper title: Deployment of a Point and Line Feature Localization System for an Outdoor Agriculture Vehicle

Professional Societies

  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Member
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Member
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society Member
  • IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Member

Selected Publications

Conference Proceeding

  1. Libby, J.; Somwanshi, A. A.; Stancati, F.; Tyagi, G.; Patel, A.; Bhatt, N.; Rizzo, J.; Atashzar, S. F. (2023). What Happens When Pneu-Net Soft Robotic Actuators Get Fatigued?. International Symposium on Medical Robotics (ISMR) (pp. 1--6).
  2. Sun, T.; Libby, J.; Rizzo, J.; Atashzar, S. F. (2022). Deep Augmentation for Electrode Shift Compensation in Transient High-density sEMG: Towards Application in Neurorobotics. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (pp. 6148--6153). IEEE.
  3. Libby, J.; Stentz, A. (2021). Multiclass Terrain Classification using Sound and Vibration from Mobile Robot Terrain Interaction. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (pp. 2305--2312). IEEE.
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Journal Article

  1. Sun, T.; Hu, Q.; Libby, J.; Atashzar, S. F. (2022). Deep heterogeneous dilation of LSTM for transient-phase gesture prediction through high-density electromyography: Towards application in neurorobotics. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (2 ed., vol. 7, pp. 2851--2858). IEEE.

PhD Dissertation

  1. Libby, J. (2019). Self-Supervised Learning on Mobile Robots Using Acoustics, Vibration, and Visual Models to Build Rich Semantic Terrain Maps. Carnegie Mellon University ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.