Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Research is an exciting process of investigation and experimentation, leading to the discovery of new knowledge. Stevens undergraduates have numerous opportunities to participate hands-on in leading-edge research. A common thread of creation and discovery is woven into all of our undergraduate programs, helping students build research-and-development careers in academia and industry.

How to Participate in Research

Many Stevens professors and graduate students pursuing their master's or doctoral degrees employ undergraduates in the fall and spring semesters to assist with their projects for academic credit or for a stipend. In addition, as a research university, Stevens has long-standing ties with leading corporations that hire undergraduates for summer positions to assist in their labs. Stevens students also enjoy opportunities to apply to federal research labs for summer fellowships. 

Several academic departments offer innovative courses and seminars so students may earn academic credit while conducting research. Course requirements and the number of credits earned varies by department. Speak with your department and your faculty advisor about research opportunities available in your field, and review the opportunities below.

Programs On Campus

Opportunities with Individual Faculty Members

Stevens faculty members regularly invite interested students to assist in research. Undergraduate students interested in on-campus research can review available opportunities and reach out via email, introducing themselves to the Primary Research Advisor with full details of their interest. Students should include a resume/CV. Questions can be directed to Andrés Mansisidor at [email protected].

Faculty can visit this site, to submit their undergraduate research projects for students to review. 

Pinnacle and Clark Scholars Programs

The Pinnacle Scholars Program is an elite, invitation-only program for high-achieving undergraduate students who want to push the boundaries of their education even further. The A. James Clark Scholars Program provides financial support and enhanced learning opportunities to exceptional undergraduate students who are underrepresented in the engineering field. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Scholars Research Program

In Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Scholars Research Program, undergraduates engage in research, innovative design or business projects for 10 weeks over the summer. Students identify a suitable project, find a faculty member to work with and submit a proposal to the review committee. Projects are funded by the Office of Institute Technology Initiatives.

AI Research Summer Fellowship Program

Organized by the Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI), the AIRS Fellowship Program empowers selected Stevens undergraduates to embark on an exciting research journey on a topic of their choice.

Capstone Senior Design

The Capstone Senior Design project is intended to be the culmination of the Stevens undergraduate experience — knowledge gained in the classroom is applied to a major design project. The School of Engineering strives to have the majority of its senior projects sponsored by or defined and mentored in collaboration with an industry partner. This provides meaningful research for the sponsor while imbuing the student design team with a professional orientation as members work in an environment that simulates what they will encounter in their future professions. The project is crafted to meet the educational goals of the capstone design course, which runs the full senior year.

If you have questions, please contact Andrés Mansisidor of the Office of Undergraduate Academics.

Additional Research Opportunities

On-Campus Research Centers and Laboratories

On-Campus Research Centers and Laboratories

Stevens maintains a National Center of Excellence and additional cutting-edge centers and laboratories, some of which offer opportunities to undergraduates.

External Off-Campus Research Opportunities

External Off-Campus Research Opportunities

Stevens encourages students to apply for outside research opportunities and scholarships and assists students who wish to apply.