At Stevens, high-achieving undergraduate students have a unique opportunity to join an exclusive program not duplicated anywhere else in the world. The Pinnacle Scholars Program is an elite, invitation-only program for undergraduate students who want to push the boundaries of their education even further.

Your hard work pays off now.

Selected students have an opportunity to pursue original, advanced research or entrepreneurial projects and are awarded an annual stipend as well as a scholarship toward an accelerated master’s program. Among its many advantages, this highly-regarded program gives undergraduates a leg up in the job market and/or advancement to competitive graduate and doctoral studies.

 Program Benefits

  • An annual $5,000 stipend to support participation in one of the following three options each year:
    1. Research opportunities guided by a faculty advisor.
    2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Research Program (application required).
    3. An international experience (e.g., study abroad or an internship, approved by the Office of International Programs).
  • An annual cultural passport for exciting and engaging cultural events (e.g., plays and musicals, sporting events, operas, symphonies, art exhibits). This passport will allow you to experience the vibrant cultural opportunities available only in the New York City metropolitan area and network with fellow scholars. 
  • The opportunity to enroll in special honors and research seminars that provide support and guidance for your research activities.
  • Individualized mentoring and advisement.
  • The option to participate in the 4+1 Master's Program with a scholarship equal to 20% of your graduate tuition in the fifth year.

Program Requirements

Invitations for the Pinnacle Scholars Program are made at the time of admission and based on your academic record and potential impact at Stevens. There are no additional application requirements. This program is only available to incoming full-time, first-year students. If you are identified and selected to be a Pinnacle Scholar, you will be notified in your admissions acceptance letter. Invited students will have the option to confirm or decline acceptance into the program.

You may remain in the program for up to eight academic semesters provided you maintain a 3.2 GPA and make satisfactory academic progress toward the degree, which is reviewed annually.

4+1 Master's Program

Another outstanding opportunity for first-year students is the 4+1 Master’s Program, which allows you to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years. You will work closely with advisors to craft a study plan that will facilitate completion of the program. Graduates of the 4+1 Program are able to achieve advanced levels of study and further expand their expertise, and often enjoy a higher entry point into the job market. Students in the 4+1 Master’s Program receive a scholarship equal to 20 percent of graduate tuition in the fifth year.

You are invited into the 4+1 Master’s Program at the point of acceptance to Stevens; there is no additional application. This program is only available to incoming full-time, first-year students.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Research Program

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Program engages undergraduates in research, design or business projects for ten weeks over the summer. You identify a suitable project according to your interests, select a faculty advisor and submit a proposal to the Research Program Committee. Faculty review proposals and identify students with whom they want to work.

This relationship becomes a unique, student-mentor collaboration for the duration of the project.Frequently, your work is carried on throughout your student career and integrated into your senior capstone projects.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Research students work on a high level, attracting the attention of leaders and venture capitalists that support the most critical, high-impact innovations today. You’ll gain invaluable experience in real-world problem solving and create impressive resumes even before graduating from Stevens. What's more, you’ll distinguish yourself as the motivated, creative, and commercial-savvy graduate that top companies and graduate programs demand.

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