The Division of Information Technology offers a variety of services and software to support the Stevens campus community.

Accounts, Access & Security

Allows OneIT to keep you and your data safe. Using this you can request service for door access changes, Okta support, Stevens User Account Password Management, KnowBe4 security training, Local Admin security, Symantec Endpoint Protection and more.

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Classroom & Collaboration Space Technology

Get classroom and collaboration space support from the OneIT team. Request training for classrooms and conference rooms, Audio Visual (AV) technology support, AV equipment loans, general AV consultation and more.

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Communication, Collaboration & Storage

OneIT offers a variety of ways to communicate and collaborate with the campus community to ensure productivity and security. Request service related to all Microsoft 365 applications, Smartsheet, Zoom, Emma and more.

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Devices & Computer Services

Allow OneIT to provide you with device and computer support. Using this you can request CASPR equipment, loaner devices, computer repair services, new computer set up, computer standardization exception request, research device exception request and more.

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Stevens eSignature tool to prepare, send and manage secure or legal documents. Use this request for a DocuSign sender license.

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Event Support

OneIT can help support your Audio Visual (AV) and technology for events in certain spaces on campus. Request event support and read the event support guidelines.

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Learning Technology

Allow OneIT team to help you with your learning technology needs. Using this you can request service for APlus+ Attendance, Canvas, CATME, Learning Analytics, LinkedIn Learning, Lockdown Browser & Respondus Monitor, Panopto, Poll Everywhere, Turn It In, XR Lab, Zoom Meeting or Webinar Support, and more.

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Phones & Voicemail

OneIT can provide you with support and assistance related to various phone and voicemail needs. Request support related to Zoom Phone, desk phones, voicemail, and more.

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OneIT supports various ways to print on campus. Use this service request for access to printers, information on purchasing printers, and more.

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Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool available for the Stevens community. Use the service request to get support transferring survey ownership and more.

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Software Catalog

The OneIT team provides and supports a wide array of software for the Stevens community. Using this service request you can get support for EndNote, Overleaf, and other research software.

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Stevens Network

The OneIT team supports the latest Wi-Fi technology to simplify the way users connect and authenticate on the Stevens network. Use this service request to get support related to Stevens Wi-Fi, IoT devices, guest wireless access, VPN access, and more.

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Systems & Servers

Allow OneIT to help you gain HPC access, support related to Stevens AppSpace, and more using this service request.

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Workday @ Stevens

Workday is Stevens' cloud-based system of record for student-, human resources- and payroll-related activities. The various modules of the Workday ecosystem enable Stevens to provide students, faculty and staff with a unified and modern experience.

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XR Lab

The Stevens XR Lab provides the entire Stevens community the opportunity to explore virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), 360-video, and other extended reality (XR) technologies.

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Need IT Support?

Get support through our self help resources, contacting IT support or visiting TRAC.