Financial Markets, Collaboration and Networks

This research area focuses on identifying programs, platforms and protocols that help organizations understand the changing nature of teams, organizational hierarchy, crowds and markets. New technology makes it possible to assemble thousands of individuals to address large-scale problems; research in this area is designed to accelerate economic growth by allowing startups to move quickly from idea to implementation.

Crowdsourcing and creativity 

Professor Jeffrey Nickerson is a well-recognized expert in collaboration processes, social media and creativity who has led numerous National Science Foundation grants investigating these areas and their applications in business. Professor Aron Lindberg, who researches understanding and acceleration of digital innovation, also is active here.

Social media

Professors Theodoros Lappas and Feng Mai both do work in this area, including machine learning, natural language processing, team formation, review management revenue maximization, and recommender systems and their market dynamics.

Information systems

This is one of the largest research disciplines at the School of Business, with Professor Edward Stohr recognized as a founder of the field. Research in this area is extremely broad, among the many focal points are knowledge management, architecture of flexible organizations, decision quality, process management, enterprise architecture and modeling, and security.

Financial markets

An area of large and growing importance at the School of Business, the many researchers working in finance are investigating both traditional disciplines and the disruption that technology has brought to this arena. Research encompasses, among others: development of automated trading agents, the impact of sentiment on asset pricing, interactions between finance and energy, asset pricing, liquidity risk, international finance, capital management, disclosures, and the financial implications of IT investments and control.

Team behavior, strategy, performance and ethics

Many School of Business researchers are involved in this area, also. Research investigations include strategic management, the nature of conflict in organizations, technology management in team processes and performance, behavioral aspects of project leaders, sustainability and corporate social performance, virtual team effectiveness, technical leadership, and business ethics.


This is becoming a more urgent research area at Stevens. Professor Gary Lynn's contributions to new product development have been published in top journals. Meanwhile, Professor Gaurav Sabnis has conducted extensive research into sales force management and marketing strategy, while Professor Adriana Madzharov has done breakthrough work in sensory marketing. Both have had their work appear in the most competitive journals.