Workday Financials @ Stevens


Stevens is expanding our Workday ecosystem to include Workday Financials. This addition will streamline financial processes and improve efficiency by connecting financial transactions directly to the same environment where Human Capital Management (HCM) and Student transactions occur.  

Implementation Partner: Avaap USA, LLC 

Vision Statement

Workday Financials is the next step in the Workday @ Stevens journey toward an integrated platform that provides a seamless, intuitive user experience for faculty, staff, and students. Self-service access to Workday Financials and the high-quality, real-time data it provides will promote closer collaboration among the academic and administrative areas of the institution. This addition to Stevens Workday ecosystem will support well-informed decisions that align with the Stevens 2032 Strategic Plan, namely the core values of “Collaboration and Innovation,” the strategic priorities of “Impact Through Research and Innovation” and “Connected Community,” as well as the strategic goal outlined under “Infrastructure and Sustainability”.

Project Timeline

Timeline for Workday Financials

Project Modules



Financial Accounting 

Foundation for all Workday Financial Management solutions 


Houses budget data 


Accounts for all physical university assets and records GAAP depreciation 

Banking, Settlement, and Cash Management 

Interfaces with banks to record receipts and payments 


Provides purchasing requisitions and workflows 

Supplier Accounts 

Handles all supplier payments (Accounts Payable) 

Grants Management 

Provides a platform to manage components of an award, including: Award billing, Award contracts, Award proposals, Effort certification, indirect costs, Revenue recognition, Sponsor information 


Plan and track your work, integrated with Workday HCM and Financial Management 

Endowment Management 

Processes endowment gifts, captures investment activities, and records income distributions 

Customer Accounts and Contracts 

Provides a central invoicing system to enable timely revenue recognition of non-student billings 

Project Team

Executive Sponsors
  • Lou Mayer, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer | Division of Finance 

  • Tej Patel, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer | Division of Information Technology 

Steering Committee Members
  • Joe Cassidy, Associate Vice President for Finance | Division of Finance 

  • Theresa Pascoe, Associate Vice President for Finance | Division of Finance 

  • Michael Parente, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology | Division of Information Technology 

  • Jamie Houghtaling, Executive Director of Finance & Controller | Division of Finance 

  • Marcin Ceglinski, Director of Financial Systems | Division of Finance 

  • Steve Flanagan, Director for Workday Solutions | Division of Information Technology 

  • Noelle Akins, Change Management Lead | Avaap 

Project Managers & Functional Leads

Project Role 

Team Member 

Project Manager (Finance) & FDM/Accounting Lead

Jamie Houghtaling 

Project Manager (IT) 

Steve Flanagan 

Financial Systems Lead 

Marcin Ceglinski 

Customer Account Lead 

Ivy McGee 

Assets Lead, Projects Lead 

Roger Moussallem 

Banking Lead 

Melissa Gholston 

Grants (OSA) Lead 

John Blandino 

Grants (OSP) Lead

Vanessa Blau

Endowment Lead 

Renata Siebor 

Procurement Lead 

Diana Roman 

Supplier Accounts Lead 

Abiola Ijalana 

Budget Lead 

Irene Denisov 

Student Lead 

Chee Chong 

HCM Lead 

Jose Abad 

Payroll Lead 

John Bizosio 

Project Champions

Coming in Fall 2024!

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Training & Support

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