Research Computing Services


  • Enable Stevens to attract and retain top talent by providing the necessary computing resources for pursuing innovative and groundbreaking research projects  

  • Enable researchers to utilize state-of-the-art technology without requiring substantial IT knowledge or investment in standalone hardware  

  • Provide research computing services to all researchers centrally  

  • Provide high performance compute (HPC), storage, network, cloud computing and other managed services including training centrally  

  • Enhance both research activities and classroom learning 

Why Invest in a Subscription Model?

  • Support Stevens goal to become a Research 1 institution 

  • The IT department will oversee the routine administration of the cluster, enabling researchers to concentrate on their primary tasks 

  • Provide access to commonly used libraries, software and compilers  

  • Assistance with software installation and support  

  • 24/7 monitoring of the hardware  

  • Periodic data backup  

  • Security monitoring via SOC center  

  • Ability to utilize cloud resources including virtual desktops  

  • By opting for our condominium model, you can avail up to 125% additional computing power, along with priority access to shared resources  

  • Ability to scale resources without incurring large cost 

Research Computing Services Governance

The Research Computing Committee will have a crucial role in formulating and executing a comprehensive research computing strategy, ensuring that researchers have the essential resources to pursue advanced research and innovation. The committee will aim to accomplish the following goals:  

  • Advising of research computing strategy  

  • Resource allocation and proposal reviews  

  • Oversight of RCS in collaboration with IT  

  • Develop standards and best practices including chargeback model 

Research Computing Committee Members 





Tej Patel


Information Technology

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Muhammad Hajj

Chair, Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering  

Hammad Ali


Senior Director Infrastructure Services  

Professor Jason Rabinovitch

Mechanical Engineering  

Professor Johannes Weickenmeier

Mechanical Engineering  

Alyssa Hensley


Chemical Engineering and Material Science  

Pin-Kuang Lai


Chemical Engineering and Material Science  

Bozdog Dragos


Deputy Director Hanlon Financial Systems laboratories  

Zheng Xing


School of Business

System Administrator School of Business  

Marouane Temimi


Associate Professor Civil Environmental & Ocean Engineering

Kathrin Smetanna


Assistant Prof. Mathematical Sciences  

Josh Poinsett


Information Technology

Associate Director Systems Engineering and Cloud Computing  

Kurt Hockenbury


Information Technology

Senior Platform Engineer  

PhD Student(s)** 


Research Computing Services is a centralized service managed by Division of Information Technology that will support Stevens’ research community, this service portfolio includes:

Research Computing Services - Managed Systems Services and No-Cost Services