Changing your Academic Program

While maintaining your status as an F-1 Student, you might find that you wish to change your primary program of study, or you might wish to change the degree level that you are studying. Both of these changes require updating your Form I-20.

Changing your Degree Level

Change of Degree Level Frequently Asked Questions

Current Student Financial Reference

Changing your Major

If you wish to change your primary program of study prior to completing your original program, you will need to complete a Change of Major request to update your I-20.

Your Major Update I-20 can be requested after you have changed your primary program of study on your academic records. Students looking to begin the process of changing their majors should contact their Academic Advisor.

Once your Workday Student Records reflect the change in your program, please submit the ISSS Major Update Form in the ISSS Student Portal to issue a new I-20.

Updating your major on your Form I-20/DS-2019 does not extend your program past its original issued end date. If your change in major will have an impact on your ability to complete your program by the end date on your I-20/DS-2019, you must request a Program Extension prior to the end date listed on your I-20/DS-2019.