F-2 Dependents

Dependents (spouse or unmarried, minor child-under 21) accompanying or wishing to join an F-1 student must be issued a dependent Form I-20 and apply for an F-2 visa or change to F-2 Status (if currently in the United States).

Obtaining F-2 Dependent Status

F-1 Students can request I-20s for their dependents by entering their ISSS Student Portal and selecting the "Dependent Form I-20 Request". The following documents are required when requesting a dependent Form I-20:

  • Financial documents to cover dependent expenses ($4,500 for spouse, $3,600 per dependent child) that meet the Financial Documentation Requirements

  • Copy of each dependent’s passport

  • Proof of relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate listing parentage) translated into English, if necessary

Once your dependent Form I-20(s) is/are issued, you must endorse the Form I-20 and send it to your spouse or child to apply for an F-2 visa. You will also need to provide your dependent with a copy of your SEVIS fee receipt, which you can reprinted from the SEVIS Fee website, if you are unable to find it.

More information about the F-2 visa is located on the Study in the States website.  In addition to preparing the documents the Department of State recommends, ISSS also recommends you review these "10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa."

If your spouse or child will be changing status in the United States, please review the Changing to F-1/F-2 Status information.

Maintaining F-2 Dependent Status

F-2 dependents are eligible to remain in the United States for the duration of the primary F-1 student’s status. While  in the United States, F-2 dependents must abide by the following rules and responsibilities:

  • Keep  passport valid for at least 6 months in the future at all times.

  • Do NOT engage in any employment.

  • Part-time study is permitted. If a F-2 dependent wishes to begin full-time study, they must apply for a change of status to F-1 at their institution of attendance.

  • If a F-2 dependent is currently studying part-time at Stevens and would like to begin full-time study, please read the Changing to F-1/F-2 Status information.

  • When traveling internationally, you must obtain a valid travel signature prior to departure in order to return in F-2 status. For more information, visit the Travel Information page.

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