Rocco Tech Center

Building Technology Research Lab

The Building Technology Research Lab was founded by the late Thomas P. Konen, an industry leader with done significant research contributions on residential water conservation, flushability, and drinking water safety. Its mission is to carry out research, testing, and educational activities according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and other industrial standards.

We are the pioneers for testing hydraulic performance requirements for water closets and urinals (following ASME A112.19.6) and testing physical requirements and test methods pertaining to material, dimensional and performance requirements for vitreous china plumbing fixtures (follows ASME A112.19.2M). We perform research and development testing on flushability and biodegradability of non-woven products. Our testing and analytical services-their precision and accuracy, the care with which they are conducted and their customer acceptance-are the means by which our laboratory has gained an enviable reputation and has become a leader in the industry.

Process and Geosystems Engineering Laboratory

The Process and Geosystems Laboratory of Prigiobbe group is equipped with devices and set-ups for flow and transport as well as soil mechanics experiments. Some of the major equipment available includes:

  • X-ray diffraction, microfluidic system monitored with optical and polarizing microscope

  • online monitored bead-pack columns and boxes for 1D and 2D transport tests of solutes, pathogens, nanoparticles, and foam

  • high-pressure high-temperature batch system for crystallization tests with online monitoring tools including Raman spectroscopy

  • consolidation, triaxial and direct shear strength testing, flexible and rigid wall permeameters, durability chambers for simulating environmental stresses, such as freeze and thaw, wetting and drying, salt fog and acid rain exposure, as well as other accelerated weathering field conditions

  • full sample collection and specimen preparation set-ups

James C. Nicoll Environmental Laboratory

Nicoll Laboratory, Center for Environmental Systems

The James C. Nicoll Environmental Laboratory is a state-of-the-art research and testing facility with multimedia capabilities for wastewater, liquid waste, solid waste, and air studies. An early leader in environmental engineering, Stevens has established Nicoll Laboratory to fortify its long-standing commitment to environmental protection through innovative and advanced technologies. Its services range from short duration, highly specialized testing to long-term applied research studies. This versatility allows the laboratory to connect environmental control and remediation technology development with field implementation. Nicoll Laboratory is also a resource center for waste treatment information.

Nicoll Laboratory seeks cooperative partnerships with industry, government and environmental Service Organizations to solve complex, real-world environmental problems. The laboratory develops, tests, transfer and implements innovative environmental technologies to provide value-added, economically feasible solutions that meet strict regulatory compliance requirements.