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Stevens Venture Center Hackathon Focuses on Coping With College Life

Stevens freshman and sophomores work together on the issues and difficulties experienced by college students.

Stevens Venture Center Hackthon Students
Stevens Venture Center Hackathon student participants show their event certificates. (left to right): Bruno Salgado, Diana Galarza and Jade Lacoste.

The Stevens Venture Center (SVC) recently held its third “Venture Hacks” hackathon, bringing together 27 students to brainstorm and work in teams to develop technological solutions to real-world problems. The theme of this session, which ran from February 17-19, was “Coping with College” and the participants –all freshman and sophomores – focused on the issues and difficulties experienced by college students.

SVC Hackathon students (left to right): Tarik Kdiry, Anand Patel, Dhru Patel and Austin Rocha.

The students formed eight teams at an opening Friday evening brainstorming session, then worked diligently on Saturday and Sunday, brushing up their skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Firebase along the way so they could work on creating digital applications.

SVC Hackathon students (left to right):Mark Freeman, Justin Trugman, Tyler Bryk and Zachary Hacklander.

Besides identifying and proposing solutions to problems, the students were also charged with developing a presentation and a demonstration of their app. These were presented at the culmination of the hackathon, a celebratory dinner and pitch competition, with Venture Center entrepreneurs-in-residence serving as judges.

SVC Hackathon students (left to right): Zmininy Hnaung, Jrawen He and Tiambo Tom.

Awards were presented for creativity and innovation, technical proficiency and entrepreneurship. A crowd favorite was chosen based on audience judging.

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