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Stevens Ranked No.17 on Burning Glass Institute's List of Private College Alumni With the Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs

Recent survey says Stevens’ alumni who work in marketing have the 17th-highest average salary in the nation.

In the latest example of the return on investment of a Stevens Institute of Technology degree, Burning Glass Institute, a non-profit group that researches employment trends, put Stevens 17th on its list of colleges with the highest-paying marketing jobs.

The rankings used pay and experience data from labor-market data firm Lightcast and Glassdoor.

Stevens’ alumni average an annual salary premium of $18,935 with an average yearly salary of $111,982.

Burning Glass President Matt Sigelman noted the marketing industry’s shift to, “undertaking customer experimentation at scale, so there’s a significant crossover with data science itself.”

The School of Business marketing innovation and analytics major uses technology as the core focus of its curriculum. Its graduates leave the program prepared to use emerging methods of data analysis to design creative, results-driven campaigns.

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