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Stevens Faculty Launch IEEE Nanotechnology Council Chapter

The chapter will enable students and faculty to collaborate on research and networking projects

Faculty at Stevens Institute of Technology have recently created a new IEEE Nanotechnology Council Chapter (NTC) in North Jersey. The inaugural keynote lecture will take place on March 23, featuring Luke Lee, Professor of Bioengineering at Harvard.

The IEEE North Jersey Section NTC will enable nanotechnology science and engineering by building bridges among industry, academia, and government through education and networking, and promote the role of the scientists and engineers in commercializing nanotechnology-based research and development.

Furthermore, the chapter will advocate continuing education and training for scientists and engineers in support of the nanotechnology-enabled convergence of nanoelectronics, nanomaterials technology, nano-biotechnology, and information technology.

“There exists a broad interest in nanotechnology at Stevens and other universities in the tri-state area,” said NTC Chair Eui-Hyeok Yang, professor of mechanical engineering at Stevens. “However, there was no related IEEE chapter serving this need. We have created a new IEEE NTC Chapter, which can help coordinate and publicize activities that are occurring in the region. Many nanotechnology researchers can benefit from a greater sharing of activities and volunteer resources.”