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International Master’s Student Lands Management Job Before Graduation

Rahil Mehta’19 begins his career at Merck & Co. Pharmaceutical this semester.

International student Rahil Mehta's decision to come to the School of Systems and Enterprises from India was simple – he wanted to achieve a high-level career as young professional.

Mehta is a full-time student who will graduate with a Master of Engineering in engineering management in May, and who recently began working as a quality engineer for Merck & Co. Pharmaceutical in New Jersey. In this role, the quality engineer acts as the mediator between the quality control and manufacturing sides of the company. 

“I'm strong on the technical side. That’s why I wanted to focus on management studies at Stevens. It all came together with this job,” he said. Mehta's job will be part-time as he finishes up his degree, easing his transition into the workforce. 

Mehta previously attended Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering in Vile Parle, Mumbai between 2009 and 2014 where he received his bachelor's in manufacturing engineering. Mehta says he decided on the School of Systems and Enterprises because of their illustrious faculty and topics of research, and because he felt his career would be best served by the school's curriculum.

"I realized I needed another push," said Mehta. "I needed a master's so my career could get pushed forward faster. I had a couple of options, and there were a few colleges whose curriculums I really liked. The School of Systems and Enterprises was one of them. So, I started speaking to their professors about how studies are done, how research happens, how you meet people and get a job over here, and how career placement happens. I liked everything I heard and saw, and it was the perfect time for me, so I applied."

Getting a master's of engineering management from the School of Systems and Enterprises gives students a strong understanding of engineering technology, the latest data mining and manipulation techniques and the management process through which these methods are applied. 

Mehta said the difference between his education in India and at the School of Systems and Enterprises is the practical application of knowledge.

"In India, you need to write down your answers exactly how they are in the textbook to get your marks. You're not really getting into how you'd use this knowledge in the real world,” said Mehta. "When I came to the School of Systems and Enterprises, the first thing I noticed was that the professors didn’t teach like that. For example, in engineering economics, every week we had to come in with something interesting and new to talk about with the whole class related to what we were learning. That’s brilliant. It makes you grasp the concepts from the class that much better." 

Being an international student, Mehta said creating a professional life in the United States and learning how to represent himself to prospective employers was made much easier by the Stevens Career Center. He added that the school's location across the river from New York City helped give him numerous opportunities to meet business owners and like-minded career-focused colleagues.

"The Stevens Career Center was really helpful. When you come from India, you have a different concept of what people might want to see on your résumé and how you portray yourself," he said. "When I spoke to the counselors at the career center, they gave me a really different idea of how Americans look at your résumé and how you're viewed overall. They helped me fine-tune my online presence and how I applied for jobs. Overall, a lot of people at the university, like students and faculty, are very active and they want to help you, knowing that you're an international student."

Stevens Institute of Technology helps international students through their application and immigration process through the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). ISSS is committed to assisting international students, faculty, and scholars in accomplishing their academic, personal, and professional objectives through advising, providing immigration services, promoting cross-cultural opportunities, and offering specific programs and services to our international population.

"The master's in engineering management program really firmed up my understanding of the field," said Mehta. "I'm excited to start my career because I know I'm going to do well."