AP Campus Insights Project

Stevens Institute of Technology participates in an invitation-only initiative that aims to easily connect academic experts with news organizations around the world, through the platforms of The Associated Press. This is accomplished through the production of short and informative news videos featuring faculty and administrators, which provide clarity and context around emerging and breaking news. 

This highly successful initiative, called the AP Campus Insights Project, has three goals:  

  • To disseminate more information from the world’s universities to a broad global audience. 

  • To enable knowledge from experts to be more accessible to the public. 

  • To positively impact public discourse promoting the understanding of issues from multiple viewpoints supported by data and objective analysis. 

For the Stevens community: Participation in the project only takes 20 minutes, so it is not a heavy lift on faculty’s time, and the team comes to your office or books a room nearby. If your expertise aligns with current news, you may be a great candidate to participate in the AP Campus Insights Project! If you receive an email from Kevin Finnegan, executive producer of the AP Campus Insights Project, with AP Campus Insights in the subject line, please respond to him as quickly as possible as success in the program can depend on a timely response, even if the response is a “no”.

The PR and media team also welcome proactive outreach by faculty members, suggesting newsworthy commentary on current events and interesting research. Please reach out to Kevin Finnegan at [email protected] or 973-216-8402. Check out this two-minute video to learn more about the details and mechanics of the project: https://youtu.be/FUA7daifnqk