Networking 101: A quick introduction to staying connected to Castle Point

What is StevensConnects? 

Powered by PeopleGrove, StevensConnects is a free, career engagement networking tool that is exclusive to the Stevens community. Think LinkedIn for Ducks, providing access to networking, career and mentoring opportunities, as well as a way to stay socially connected with the entire Stevens community. Setting up your profile is quick and easy or you can sync directly to your LinkedIn profile. 

Connect directly with fellow alumni across generations and career fields with the click of a button. Connect directly with fellow alumni across generations and career fields with the click of a button.

So StevensConnects can help me in my career? 

Absolutely! Not only is there a job board with thousands of job listings from around the world, but you’ll be able to see which jobs have a Stevens connection so that you can reach out to the connection personally. You may also discover new career opportunities through the Career Paths Module, which serves as a career “matchmaker” by matching your skills and passions with professions or industries you may not have ever considered. 

If you’re on the other end of the career spectrum and looking to hire, what better place to post your open jobs than where you know everyone seeing it possesses the Stevens commitment to excellence? Or, if you don’t have any open positions, why not offer your mentorship? Your experience is valuable here, at any stage of your career or retirement. 

StevensConnects Screenshot 1 Job BoardAccess the StevensConnects job board to see which Stevens alumni are hiring or have connections at companies that are hiring.

Got it! But what if I just want to connect with old friends? 

StevensConnects is the place — in fact, it’s the best place — for that, too! Your profile is searchable by other users within the exclusive Stevens community, making it easy to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. You can also join groups through the Groups Module, from your class reunion year to industry-specific Torchbearer groups (for example, the Torchbearers – in Information Technology Group, which includes recent webinar recordings) to regional groups.