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Things Became Clearer When I… Learned How to Break Down Complex Problems


Moments of Clarity

Career Callings Discovered

Some were fortunate enough to discover their passion at an early age, fueling their drive for as long as they can remember. For others, obstacles, heartache or adversity in life led them to pivotal moments of clarity that revealed their life's purpose.  

In speaking with four Stevens alumni pursuing fascinating and diverse careers, we asked them to share their stories of illumination that guided them toward deeply meaningful work. A recurring theme emerged: Each could pinpoint a turning point that offered a chance to make a positive impact on the world — a realization that this was their calling. Their reflections are deeply personal, filled with firsthand accounts of challenges, triumphs and self-discovery.

Following are excerpts from these conversations — plus some insights related to pursuing a meaningful career — edited slightly for length and flow.