Letters to the Editor

Spring/Summer 2023

A Stute Observation 

In the Fall 2022 issue, Donald Silawsky ’69 recounted his experiences with The Stute, “where he went from typist to photo editor to business manager, help[ing] him discover his interest in activities very different from the technical subjects of the classrooms and labs.” As editor in chief of The Stute from 1966 to 1967, I remember “hiring” Don as our photographer. To this day, I remember him as highly committed and enthusiastically competent. I agree with Don — Stevens provided us with multidisciplinary experiences that were fun then and encouraging even today.

Jeff Seeman ’67  

Editor’s note: Jeff has served as secretary for the Class of 1967 for 55 years and hasn’t missed writing a class log since 1984 (he was abroad on sabbatical). He also publishes extensively on the history of chemistry.

Exterior of Benny Tudino's pizzariaThe one and only — Benny Tudino’s Washington Street storefront, as seen in 2021. Photo: Jeff Vock

Pizza His Mind  

Despite growing up in an Italian-American family, I had never eaten pizza before I started attending Stevens in Fall 1973. I soon discovered that I liked it — a lot. As a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, I mostly got pizza at Gino’s, which was right around the corner. Then, you could get a plain slice for 35 cents or three slices for a dollar. There were many days that my dinner was three slices of Gino’s. Although I left Stevens in 1975, I never forgot the taste of Hoboken pizza. 

When I returned nearly 40 years later (for a college visit with my son in 2010 and to receive my master’s degree in 2012), I was disappointed in Gino’s (now Giovanni’s). The slices were three dollars each and didn’t satisfy me as well as I remembered.  

In 2017 I attended Stevens’ Alumni Weekend and tried a slice at Benny Tudino’s. THIS was the taste that I remembered from 40 years earlier. Before I left Hoboken, I bought a whole pie that I took home and consumed over the next few days. 

I know that there are now many pizza places in Hoboken. What do Stevens’ students of today consider the go-to place for regular pizza slices? What other pizza restaurants should I consider trying out next time I’m in town for Alumni Weekend?

Tom DeMarco ’77 M.S. ’12 

Editor’s Note: Tom’s letter is a response to our call for pizza preferences on page 37 of the Fall 2022 issue. Both Giovanni’s and Benny Tudino’s are still popular at Castle Point! 

Thank You! 

In January, we surveyed our readers via email, asking for your opinion on The Indicator and what changes you’d like to see in the future. We thank you for your thoughtful responses — your input will inform a redesign of the magazine, debuting in Fall 2023!