Letters to the Editor

Spring/Summer 2022

1906 black and white photogravure of Stevens campus

“A” Building Art

Congratulations on the excellent special anniversary issue that you recently published (Spring/Summer 2021). I enjoyed it immensely, finding it very informative as well as having the ability to bring back some old memories. It made me proud to be an alumnus.

I especially enjoyed the old print of the Stevens campus featuring the “A” Building that was used for the inside cover front page. I would like to learn more about the origins of this picture.

— Stephen Novalany ’70 M.S. ’82

Editor’s Note: The image Novalany references in this letter is titled “General View of the Grounds and Buildings of Stevens Institute of Technology: Including New Athletics Field.” It is dated 1906 and attributed to the artist E.J. Meeker. The print was produced by Photogravure & Color Co. A photogravure is an image that was produced from a photographic negative and then transferred to a metal plate and etched in.

Remembering Charlie Suffel

I was deeply saddened to learn of Professor Suffel’s passing in the Winter 2022 Indicator.

I recall as a student in the early ’80s taking in Professor Suffel’s presence. He did not look like a math professor, he looked more like your favorite coach. He was fit and stood straight; built like a wrestler. Neither tall nor short, he was handsome and remarkably pleasant.

In class, he taught with an easy grace. Things were neither too hard nor too easy. All was accessible and clear. I learned more from him about precision and clarity than I ever did in some tedious freshman lab. He taught me much of the math that is the foundation of my career that I draw upon every day.

At this point in my life, I am still trying to learn to be more graceful, and to project out to the world the person that I wish I was. I saw that person 40 years ago in Charlie Suffel.

— David Lapier ’84

MoMA and Diverse Stevens Careers

Thank you for writing about Jean Savitsky ’85 and MoMA in “Passionate Pursuit” in the Fall 2021 issue. Your article highlighted so much good information in a short space: renovation details, Jeans experience, management style, influences and family. The interview quotes effectively conveyed her voice and personality. The article is also a good example of the diverse careers of our alumni. Like the reverse of Rome and roads, many careers and dreams began with a degree from Stevens.

— Greg O’Brien ’85