Spring 2024 Letters to the Editor.

Cover of the Fall 2023 Indicator magazineCheers for the ‘New’ Indicator 

Editor’s Note: Our Fall ’23 issue introduced a visual and editorial redesign that has drawn kudos from our readers and has earned a silver award from the 39th Annual Educational Advertising Awards for external publications. Here’s a quick sampling.  

Congratulations on the latest edition! Definitely one of the best organized and illustrated versions of the Indicator I’ve seen in a very long time.
Kevin Barresi ’16 M.Eng. ’16 

The new magazine is very informative and impressive. The information about student enrollment and impact ... in solving problems and challenges through expanded engineering, science and global needs appears to be well-represented in the articles included (in the magazine).
Robert Wolf ’52 M.S. ’58 

Black and white picture from the 1970s of Stevens students at convocation wearing dink hats.Convocation ’68 Photo, Partly Solved 

Editor’s Note: We ran this photo of Convocation 1968 on page 34 of our Fall ’23 issue and asked readers to identify these first-year students from the Class of ’72. Glenn Mattern ’72 remembered one of them:  

The person in the foreground with glasses is Glenn Luzzi. He was my roommate freshman year. He was an avid spelunker. I remember that to demonstrate his capabilities he gathered a group from our fifth-floor dorm in Davis Hall, who sat on a bed to which he attached his rappelling gear. He then exited the room through our window and rappelled down each floor to the ground. This ended with a collection of student IDs and a subsequent visit to Dean Rademacher’s office. 

[Another] thing I remember. I believe it was from Convocation 1968, or it was student orientation. It was said: “Look to your left, then look to your right. Come graduation day, only one of you will be here!” Well, that statement rang true — only about a third of our freshman class made it to graduation. Glenn Luzzi was one of those students.
Glenn Mattern ’72 

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