Frank DiColaFrank DiCola ’14 M.S. ’15, president and founder of the gaming company Game Revenant, Ltd., has developed the Charity Quest app to connect volunteers to service opportunities in Hoboken and Hudson County, New Jersey. The app is available through the App Store and Google Play and connects users to organizations such as the Hoboken Shelter. It also directs users to the best way to make donations (items or funds) to local charities. 

Carolyn Butler ’07 is co-founder and CEO of Manymoons, a “circular” retailer that rents and sells used and new children’s and women’s clothing, toys and beauty items. Customers can return items — which contain no toxic chemicals or synthetic materials — when they no longer need them, and Manymoons resells, rents, recycles or composts them. Manymoons’ mission strives to “disrupt the antiquated and destructive take-make-waste system” as it prioritizes climate-beneficial agricultural practices and a supplier code of conduct that includes paying a living wage. Items are available online and in stores in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.