Fall 2023 Letters to the Editor

Diverse Career Success Launched from Castle Point 

Once again, the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Stevens Indicator is truly outstanding. The stories of success by Stevens graduates are fantastic: looking at space; fighting domestic violence; medical support; advocating for women of color, all incredible and engaging. Wow! 

I am very proud to be a Stevens alumnus who has had an outstanding career — from teaching chemistry and marketing to human resources and executive development. Prior to retiring, I [led] programs all over the world, from Japan, Italy, France and Germany to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain and Denmark. I have been able to apply my learning experiences in Hoboken into custom-crafting development workshops as well as in the creation of two leadership books. It has been a great learning journey. 

Paul Fein M.S. ’90 

Mystery Couple Revealed 

Mystery Couple Revealed IndicatorEthan Blumenfeld ’96 and Melissa Lasiw ’97 Photo: Archives & Special Collections, Samuel C. Williams Library, Stevens Institute of Technology The Alumni News section of the Spring/Summer ’23 issue opened with a photo and a question: Who is this well-dressed couple enjoying a formal evening at Castle Point? Several readers remembered them fondly: Melissa Lasiw ’97 and Ethan Blumenfeld ’96. 

 ‘Going Green’ With The Digital Indicator 

Stevens Indicator readers now have the option to “go green” and subscribe to the digital Indicator only. The online magazine features all the stories — including the Class Logs — that are found in the print issue. Simply visit the Indicator website and, under the header “Keep in Touch with The Indicator!” click on the “Update Your Mailing Preferences” button to become a digital-only subscriber. 

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