Conversation Starters

“I’ve been studying their communications for 15 years and it sort of blows me away because I think Democrats are good at doing plenty of things, but they really dropped the ball on the communications piece a lot.” 

Lindsey Cormack, associate professor with Stevens’ School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, discussed with CNN on Aug. 20, 2023, how conservatives and liberals use language differently, particularly how conservatives use verbal jiu-jitsu to turn liberals’ language against them. 

“Poor people are going to carry more of the burden, percentage-wise ... and they probably also will enjoy less of their retirement because they have lower life expectancy than the richer people involved.” 

Justine Hervé, assistant professor with the Stevens School of Business, spoke with The Washington Post about French President Emmanuel Macron’s deeply unpopular bill to raise France’s retirement age, emphasizing that lower-income citizens will be impacted the most. The story was published on March 28, 2023. 

“Most writers in the guild don’t make their living by writing scripts from scratch. A lot of times they piece together a living by working on other people’s scripts. That is where artificial intelligence is a more immediate threat.” 

Jason Vredenburg, teaching associate professor with the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, spoke with USA Today about the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strike against major Hollywood studios and how artificial intelligence is at the heart of the conflict. The story was published on Aug. 2, 2023. 

“If it was at the depth of the wreck of the Titanic, that would be an unprecedented rescue.”  

Brendan Englot, associate professor with Stevens’ School of Engineering and Science, spoke live on Fox News Philadelphia on June 22, 2023, to describe the challenges of recovering the Titan submersible.