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22 Things to Love About the University Center Complex

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Student pulls box of food from kiosk.Ed Collier7. The Marketplace — a Smart Place to Grab a Bite

With a few taps on your smartphone, you can order a burger and fries (or any other dish you’re craving) for pick up from The Marketplace, a brand-new grab-and-go meal option located in the building’s Grand Commons.

Four themed cooking stations allow Stevens residents and visitors alike to choose from a wide variety of student-suggested cuisines. The extensive menu includes perennial favorites like burgers, pizza and tacos as well as vegan, vegetarian and halal options.

Orders can be placed on Stevens’ Grubhub app or in-person at a self-service kiosk. When the meal is ready, a notification is sent through the app. Depending on which station they order from, diners can pick up their food from the counter or from a temperature-controlled locker.

Pi kitchen sign.Ed Collier8. Pi Kitchen

This 40-seat restaurant brings a fine-dining option to Castle Point for Stevens faculty, staff and alumni (though students can dine there, too!). Designed and concepted by Amy Morton of the Morton’s Steakhouse family, the menu features fresh, seasonal ingredients, prepared by a dedicated chef, and served by a professional wait staff.

Students converse in The Intercultural Space.9. The Intercultural Space

The Intercultural Space — a supportive space on the Stevens campus for underrepresented students and their allies — first opened in 2020, inside Alexander House. Student leaders and the Student Government Association’s Diversity & Inclusion committee spearheaded its creation, with a mission to empower students to create a thriving and inclusive community by cultivating this space, to foster an understanding of diversity and inclusion.

This past spring, the Intercultural Space and its mission found a new home inside the UCC. Located on the University Center’s second floor, near the student club and Student Life offices, the Intercultural Space includes a Lending Library, with more than 200 books and DVDs that students can borrow on a variety of topics related to social identity and social justice; art supplies; and information on campus resources. Art created by students and an exhibit documenting the space’s creation are displayed. Indeed, student empowerment — from providing resources and support to educational programs that build a more inclusive campus community — is an important part of the space’s mission.

Student in yellow shirt traverses structure while other students cheer him on.

Students lift weights in the fitness room.10. Fitness Center and Movement Studio

A new fitness center was high on the list of student requests for the University Center Complex. This 8,000-square-foot facility delivers in a big way with top-of-the-line equipment, programs and personnel to support a wide variety of workout styles and wellness practices.

The center of the room features multifunctional equipment from MoveStrong for functional training workouts and group fitness classes. Cable machines and power racks from Rogue along with dumbbells ranging from 5 to 100 pounds enable fitness buffs of many levels to strength-train effectively.

Runners can get their cardio fix while looking out over the Hudson River and downtown Manhattan on one of the eight treadmills facing the facility’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Stair climbers, ellipticals and recumbent bikes also enjoy prime views. Two state-of-the-art rowing machines feature screens that allow users to play games as they row and record workouts to track their progress over time.

A designated movement studio adjacent to the fitness center features 10 indoor cycling bikes for spin classes, mats and blocks for yoga and Pilates classes and more.

From novice lifters to college athletes, fitness and wellness coordinators are on hand to support the health conscious, of all abilities, in the fitness center. These staff members can advise on proper form and equipment usage, training routines, even nutrition.

After working up a sweat, visitors can hit the showers in the sparkling new locker room facilities.

Students converse outside the UCC next to grass.Ed Collier11. Green Infrastructure

The University Center, Skybridge and Tech Flex space are topped with green roofs — layers of vegetation that serve a variety of purposes, including absorbing rainwater, improving air quality and providing additional insulation for the building, which can improve energy efficiency and help reduce Stevens’ carbon footprint. The University Center roof drains into bioretention planters located at the southern end of the project facing Davis Hall — this feature helps mitigate flooding by delaying the release of stormwater into the Hudson River. A 12,000-gallon cistern beneath the campus’ Wittpenn Walk stores the stormwater from the UCC Plaza and is used for irrigation around the University Center Complex.