22 Things to Love About the University Center Complex


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22 Things to Love About the University Center Complex

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1: From Concept to Completion

From the building’s first mention in 2012 as part of Stevens’ 2012-2022 strategic plan, The Future. Ours to Create., through its opening to residential students in August 2022, realizing the University Center Complex has been a ten-year, community-wide effort. At the building’s ribbon-cutting event in May 2022, Stevens President Nariman Farvardin reflected on the project’s journey. “Ten years ago, this facility started as a suggestion. It went into our strategic plan as a promise. It then became a plan, and today it is a reality that brings a tremendous amount of pride to this institution,” he said. “The University Center Complex is an unmistakable symbol of the progress Stevens has made over the last decade, and signals to the world to keep watching this institution as it continues its ascent to higher levels of achievement and prominence.”

Cover of 2012 Strategic Plan

May 2012

Stevens publishes its 2012-2022 strategic plan, The Future. Ours to Create. Among the plan’s lofty 10-year goals: “The construction of a University Center that will function as the heart of the University and a hub of student, faculty, staff and visitor interactions.”


Initial planning begins for two separate buildings — a 1,000-bed student housing project and a university center. Not long after the design process begins, the concept for the two buildings merges into one single state-of-the-art facility.

June 2016

Stevens presents its infrastructure improvement plans to The Hoboken Planning Board.

Portrait of Richard and Carol Harries.

June 2018

Richard F. Harries ’58 and his wife, Carol, make the largest single gift to Stevens in university history, supporting The Power of Stevens fundraising campaign and the University Center Complex. The Carol J. and Richard F. Harries Residential Tower is named in their honor. In addition to his financial support of the project, Harries participates in the planning and design of the building, drawing on his expertise from his lifelong career in the construction industry.

Stevens campus with building demolition in foreground.

August 2018

Following two years of collaboration between the Stevens community, the City of Hoboken and campus neighbors, Hoboken City Council approves an ordinance creating a new University District zone in Hoboken. Rezoning enables the construction of two residential towers atop a three-story university center at Stevens and creates opportunities for future campus development.

February 2019

Abatement, demolition and excavation of the site of the future University Center Complex begins, starting with the demolition of Jacobus Hall. Hayden Hall abatement begins after May graduation and is demolished during summer 2019.

March 2019

Excavation for the University Center Complex foundations officially begins.

UCC under construction.

October 5, 2020

A “topping out” ceremony commemorates the completion of the building’s superstructure. President Farvardin hosts a small celebration, inviting distinguished guests to watch the laying of the final beam on the top of The Carol J. and Richard F. Harries Residential Tower.

January 2021

Installation of the building’s glass facade is completed. Full enclosure of the building allows a crew of more than 450 construction personnel to work on interior spaces regardless of the weather.

UCC Illumination with fireworks over Hoboken at night.

September 2021

A grand illumination ceremony and fireworks display honors the first lighting of the Stevens sign atop the University Center Complex’s South Tower. Visible from Manhattan, the sign is a symbol of Stevens’ past 10 years of progress, partnership with the City of Hoboken and bright future ahead.

Members of the Stevens community cut red ribbon at ceremony.

May 14, 2022

The Stevens community gathers to celebrate the official opening of the University Center Complex as well as the recent conclusion of the $200 million The Power of Stevens campaign — the largest and most successful in Stevens’ history.

Students smaile as they unpack into their kitchen.

August 2022

Students move into the new residential towers to begin the Fall 2022 semester.

University Center Complex by the Numbers

  • The UCC is a single, 395,000-square-foot building, comprising 2 residence hall towers and 1 three-story university center.

  • The Carol J. and Richard F. Harries Residential Tower has 20 floors. Its roof reaches 290 feet above sea level, making it the tallest building on Stevens’ campus. The South Tower residence hall has 18 floors.

  • The two towers house a total of 930 students in 374 residences.

  • There are 9 elevators located throughout the building.

  • Generous donors provided support for 28 named spaces within the University Center Complex.

  • The Stevens sign on top of the South Tower measures 450 square feet and can be seen from the west side of Manhattan.

  • The overall cost of the building totaled $256 million.