Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

Inclusive leaders set the course for business success  

Elevated performance, more innovation, and engaged employees are just a few benefits of inclusive leadership.

The Inclusive Leadership Certificate program at the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology is designed to educate students on inclusion and its importance for both personal and business success. Participants who complete the program will earn a certificate in inclusive leadership.

Stevens Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

What? A certificate program that aims to foster students’ inclusive mindsets and practices so that they develop next-level leadership knowledge and skills to elevate individual, business, and community success. It targets to prepare students to become effective, admired, inclusive leaders capable of driving positive changes through cultivating inclusion in teams, organizations, and communities.

For whom? Undergraduate and graduate students at the School of Business. The program will confer a formal Stevens Inclusive Leadership Certificate to the participants upon successful completion.

Why? We regard inclusive leadership as a combination of capabilities that together help organizations adapt to and capitalize on customer and market diversity, cultivate new ideas and innovation, and enable full and equitable participation of all people. Inclusive leadership enables open, agile and exploratory cultures that foster trust, strengthen commitment and empower people of all backgrounds to engage authentically with one another and with external stakeholders. What content? 3 components: (1) training (about 25 hours over 3-5 semesters), (2) reflection (portfolio development), and (3) real-world applications (through relevant service-learning projects, course projects, or senior design projects, etc.)

Inclusive organizations are just better

Inclusive organizations outperform less-inclusive ones in terms of making better business decisions, having higher customer engagement, better capturing new markets, generating higher innovation, and enjoying higher profitability.

What does inclusive leadership look like? And why does it matter? Management Professor Wei Zheng from the Stevens School of Business discusses how team leaders can be more inclusive and help all employees to succeed.

What is one action you will take to practice inclusive leadership?

Notes from some first-year students at the School of Business

"Focus more on my body language and eye contact"

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focus on body language

"Be open-minded"

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Post-It note showing Be open-minded

"Listen to other's thoughts, ideas and perspectives"

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listen to other thoughts, ideas and perspectives


Pete DominickDr. Peter Dominick
Peter Dominick
Teaching Professor
Director, Technical Leadership Program
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Headshot of Wei Zheng against the New York City skyline.Dr. Wei Zheng 

Wei Zheng
Associate Professor & Endowed Richard R. Roscitt Chair in Leadership
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