Provost’s Lecture Series

Jan Cannizzo

Thoughts on Effective Teaching 

Teaching is a complex undertaking that draws not only upon subject matter expertise, but one's capacity to communicate, organize and empathize. I have come to believe that what is most important, however, is providing students with ample room to actively engage with material, make discoveries and make mistakes. I will discuss my teaching philosophy and how it has evolved, describing concrete strategies that I have used in a variety of settings, from first-year courses to upper-level seminars to enrichment programs that take place beyond the borders of the university.

Jan Cannizzo
Teaching Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Charles V. Schafer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Dr. Jan Cannizzo is a Teaching Associate Professor and the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. He has been teaching mathematics at Stevens for close to a decade, during which he has been involved in numerous educational initiatives, including a multi-year effort to overhaul the teaching of calculus, developing flipped-classroom models for both online and in-person classes and the NSF-funded Stevens Math Circle Initiative. Originally from Germany, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

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