Research and Scholarship

Goal R1:

We will create and implement a foundational, holistic research ecosystem to empower faculty and ensure they actively pursue excellence in scholarship and creative activity, research productivity, Ph.D. degree production, and technology transfer. This will involve strengthening the support infrastructure, providing incentives, and, with consultation with faculty, mitigating barriers to increased productivity.


Goal R2:

All tenure-stream faculty members will be engaged in substantive, original scholarly or creative activities, and will be expected to perform with excellence according to the standards in their respective fields. Non-STEM faculty are expected to be research active as well, with productivity measured by publication in the top-ranked journals and/or other venues, as well as all external support for education and research (e.g., from foundations, funding agencies, and corporations). Single- and multiple-PI peer-reviewed competitive grants are high priorities, as are interdisciplinary team research efforts (centers) within STEM disciplines and across STEM and non-STEM fields. By 2022, research expenditures for Stevens will total $50 million per year. Each School/College will set objectives for externally-funded research awards as well as the quality and number of publications and scholarly and creative works.


Goal R3:

We will achieve an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus, which is closely connected to our teaching, research, and technology transfer programs, and which welcomes innovators and entrepreneurs who see the value of associating themselves with Stevens. We will develop and deploy policies and incentives that advance the engagement of faculty and students in entrepreneurial activities, including through the Stevens Venture Center, and will recognize the value of such activities. We will pursue patents and licenses with a primary focus on return on investment.