Group Members


portrait of Eui-Hyeok YangStevens professor EH YangDr. E.H. Yang
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Quantum Science and Engineering  

Visiting Research Scholar

headshot of Yongsoo KimDr. Youngsoo Kim (Fall 2022-current)
Graphene Square, USA
Research: Quantum device applications of 2D materials 

Postdoctoral Scholar

close-up photo of Abdus S SarkarAbdus S Sarkar (Spring 2022 - current)                                                       
Research: 2D Materials - spintronic applications

Ph.D. Candidates & Students

close-up photo of Greg HaderGreg Hader (Fall 2010 - current)
Part-time (Researcher at the U.S. Army DEVCOM)
Research: 2D resonator

headshot of Siwei ChenSiwei Chen (Fall 2017 - current)
Research: 2D magnetic tunnel junctions

headshot of Zheqi LiZheqi Li (Spring 2021 - current)
Research: Biomedical applications of 1D and 2D materials

headshot of Mengqi FengMengqi Fang (Fall 2021- current)
Research: TMD growth and applications

headshot of Zitao TangZitao Tang (Fall 2021 - current)
Research: 2D material-based electron transport

headshot of Jiaxing LiuJiaxing Liu  (Spring 2023 - current)
Interdisciplinary Program (PHY/ME): Advisor – Yuping Huang
Research: LiNbO3 

Master's Students

close-up photo of Shivani BhawsarShivani Bhawsar (Fall 2022- current)
Research: ML/DL-based TMD growth

portrait of Dharaneesh GudipatiDharaneesh Gudipati (Summer 2023 - current)
Research: TMD growth

Undergraduate Students

close-up photo of Nicole PereiraNicole Pereira (Dec 2022 - current)
Research: TMD growth

Portrait of Christina Alexandrov smilingChristina Alexandrov (April 2023 - current)
Research: TMD growth