Forget what you’ve learned about business. It’s already out of date.

Technology is continuously disrupting how companies innovate, communicate and sell. And Stevens is on the front lines of the digital revolution changing business — literally, with a location directly across the river from the high-tech hub of New York City.

Whether you’re sure you want to study business in college or just want to take it for a test drive before graduating high school, the one-week Business Explorer program at Stevens is a great investment in your future. 

A group of students surrounding the bronze Charging Bull statue in New York City.
A group of Stevens Business Explorer students crowd around the Charging Bull during a visit to Wall Street.

The Business Explorer Program

Pack your bags for the most exciting week of your summer. Living in Hoboken, visiting Manhattan, making new friends and experiencing college life will prepare you for the next step of your journey. Here's a summary of the Business Explorer program.

A group of pre-college students outside Federal Hall in New York City.

Business safari

Our location means you don’t just learn about business from course materials. Alumni and industry speakers will visit your classes to share their insights, and you’ll take a tour of New York’s corporate and cultural highlights on a safari day in the city. Past site visits have included Google, LinkedIn, Bloomberg, NYSE, Jet and the Federal Reserve.

Explore our location
Kevin Ryan teaching a class in IT strategy.

Technology entrepreneurship

Stevens’ history of innovation has made it a hotbed for startup successes. Channel your inner Zuckerberg as you learn what it takes to go from great idea to market mainstay.

Watch: Entrepreneurship at Stevens
A group of female students listening to an instructor.

Digital marketing

Your social media feed is full of marketing messages. But how do you identify customers and show them messages that resonate, instead of just noise to scroll past? Our faculty experts will show you how it’s done.

Students listen to a lesson in the Hanlon finance lab.

Fintech fundamentals

Financial markets are unrecognizable from just a decade ago, as technology adds speed to trading and wealth management while creating new risks. You’ll explore the future of finance firsthand in our high-tech trading labs.

Explore our labs
A group of male students get to know one another. The Manhattan skyline is visible in the back.


You’ve just survived a devastating plane crash. How will you lead your fellow survivors to safety? This simulation will showcase the challenges of leadership, while showing how what you learn can be applied to managing teams at work.

A female student works on a terminal in the analytics and visualization lab.

Business analytics

Analytical skills are the hottest commodity in business right now. We’ll show you the creative ways managers are engaging with data in order to make difficult decisions, and challenge you to think differently about solving problems. 

Students on a site visit to IEX, at the World Trade Center.

Accounting and analytics

When you think of accountants, you probably don’t think of analysts who use blockchain and smart contracts in the auditing process. We’ll introduce you to the tech-focused perspective demanded of tomorrow’s accountants.

Acquiring a taste for business