First Year Programs

First Year Reading Program

During the summer leading up to the first semester at Stevens, new student receive a copy of a prominent work of either literature or non-fiction to read prior to arriving on campus.  Over the course of the summer, there are a variety of engagement opportunities for students to discuss the work, provide analysis, and connect the themes from the book with their academic pursuits.  Once new students arrive on campus they participate in small, faculty-led discussion groups focused on the reading.  Faculty members facilitate these groups along with Peer Leaders.  This format is designed to give new students an engaging experience in which to interact with faculty members, contribute to college-level discussion and to consider relevant and timely topics related to the Stevens academic experience.

First Year DIP (Duck Individualized Programs)

The First Year DIP provides new Stevens students with opportunities to learn about themselves, the Stevens community, and to immerse themselves in the college experience.  This program is offered during the fall semester as a collaborative effort beween Student Affairs and Academic schools and departments.  Students' engagement in this program will increase their understanding of social, academic, wellness, and community resources and opportunities on campus.  The First Year DIP aims to enhance the quality of the first year and the overall college experience at Stevens.

Stevens 101

Students may find this series of "Stevens 101" videos useful as they navigate our campus.  Returning students thoughtfully created these brief videos to orient students on topics such as getting involved on campus, health and wellness, professional development opportunities, and the Stevens academic experience.