SSE Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Planning for Success

It is my pleasure to announce the launching of the strategic plan for the School of Systems & Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology. Our school is one of the first schools dedicated to systems science and engineering. The school is one of the discipline’s pioneers, and with this plan moves forward in its tireless quest to provide world-class systems education and groundbreaking research.

The strategic plan for the School of Systems & Enterprises for the coming five years seeks to substantially strengthen our status. This includes a reinvigorated and exciting new curriculum with interdisciplinary education as its cornerstone, a redesigned infrastructure to provide students and faculty with additional space and resources, and a reinvestment in the image and visibility of the school. This strategic plan also focuses on fostering a culture of research and collaboration within the school and beyond its borders, diversifying corporate education, and becoming a destination school for aspiring undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

Standing alongside the School of Systems & Enterprises faculty and staff, I am markedly confident we will achieve and exceed the goals set forth in this plan. Together, as a team, we will rise to significant levels of prominence in both the academic and research-based worlds.

Strategic Plan