SSE Graduate Prospectus

The School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) provides graduate students with a world-class education to become future leaders in complex, adaptive and smart systems. SSE graduate students will engineer solutions to challenging complex problems such as healthcare systems, intelligent transportation, smart cities, defense and urban informatics. Students will build such skills as formulating insight-driven decisions in a fast-paced environment and accounting for design, cost, security, privacy and policy constraints. This assemblage of skills creates high demand for SSE graduate students as technical leaders in industry and government.

SSE is one of the leading institutions in systems innovation and research. SSE graduate programs are led by faculty whose illustrious careers are equally balanced between classical research and industry. When prospective graduate students choose to pursue an advanced degree at SSE, they’ll embark on a rewarding and transdisciplinary education that blends engineering, systems and management subjects, giving them the multidisciplinary perspectives needed to excel in their field of interest.

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