Curriculum Overview

Accountants today need more than a passing understanding of how analytical techniques and information systems are changing both their industry and the business world at large. At Stevens, classes emphasize traditional accounting principles and an understanding of data and analytics in business, as well as showcasing how the two disciplines interact in the real world. By graduation, students will have completed the coursework required to sit for the CPA exam. Graduates of the Accounting & Analytics major are forward-looking accounting experts ready for the challenges of a competitive marketplace.

Five-year option: Master's in Management

Graduates of the Accounting & Analytics major will have completed the requirements to sit for the CPA exam. However, as in many undergraduate accounting programs, additional credit hours are required before applying for a license. At Stevens, this is accomplished through the four-year Accounting & Analytics curriculum plus an additional year, in which they earn a master's degree in Management to accompany their bachelor's degree. The flexible master's in Management gives students graduate-level leadership training while rounding out their accounting skills and analytical problem-solving skills. Contact the Student Support Center to get started or learn more.