Network & Communication Management & Services Master's Program


The Network & Communication Management & Services Master's program is designated to be sunset as of Spring 2023 and we do not accept any new students into the program. We remain committed to the success of the students currently enrolled.

Few things have been as thoroughly disrupted by technology as the phone in your pocket. The introduction of 5G is ushering in a wave of developments in the internet of things, virtual reality and other enhanced broadband services. This is a revolution not just in telecommunications, but in all businesses, which will take advantage of more robust networks to provide innovative services to customers. 

At Stevens, the master’s in Network & Communication Management & Services evolved from the Telecommunications Management program, in recognition of the far-reaching impact of improving wireless and broadband network technologies as corporate change agents. This STEM program challenges you to explore concepts such as 5G mobile wireless, software-defined networks, network function virtualization, IoT, cybersecurity, data analytics, computer science, electrical engineering, information systems and management. This degree is ideal for both experienced telecommunications professionals as well as recent undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in the networking and services industry.

Capstone experience

No graduate business education is complete without an opportunity to apply what you've learned on a project of consequence. At Stevens, that takes many forms — a consulting assignment with an industry partner, a research project that addresses an industry need, even the chance to nurture your own entrepreneurial venture — and is customized for you, your education and your career aspirations. 


The NCMS master's degree is an interdisciplinary STEM program that teaches network engineers and other technologists how concepts like 5G and software-defined networks help businesses in every category derive additional value from their networks. A core of cutting-edge technical courses is complemented by management classes that will help you understand how your work aligns to business goals, prepare you to develop and communicate recommendations to senior management, and ultimately advance your career.

Core curriculum