[email protected] is an exclusive entrepreneurship training program that enables students to design and build technologies and businesses that will shape the future.

iStem logoOur unique, four-year entrepreneurship coaching program for incoming freshmen is designed to transform budding talent into future leaders and game-changers.

We take great pride in the work of our students; some of whom may become founders of multi-million dollar companies they created during the program, scientists working on breakthrough innovations or star employees at major corporations. The [email protected] program has been established by a generous gift from distinguished engineer and Stevens Trustee Emilio A. Fernandez.

How is [email protected] Unique?

At [email protected], students not only learn how technology works, they get an opportunity to reimagine it, build products of the future, and bring those products to market during their undergraduate curriculum.

Throughout their sophomore and junior years, students will enroll in up to 6 credit hours learning technological entrepreneurship. Our multi-year training program will take you on a journey from an idea to a fully developed company or nonprofit. We call this journey the entrepreneurship spine, which is a combination of classes and independent studies that are woven into the curriculum.

How It Works

Building an impactful company is hard and complex, which is why our mentors will work alongside them in a highly personalized way to break down this complex task into weekly goals and measurable results. Our mentorship will ensure they are on track through regular meetings and interaction.