Safe Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Our group's research interests include control and planning, robotics, cyber-physical security, and machine learning. In particular, we focus on resilient and secure control of intelligent autonomous systems in uncertain and adversarial environments. Autonomous systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), medical and industrial robots, and self-driving cars operate under uncertainties due to dynamic environments, interaction with humans, system failures, and even malicious cyberattacks. Ensuring security and safety is the first step to make the solutions using such systems certifiable and scalable. Our research aims to study and address such challenges by integrating the tools from robust and adaptive control with machine learning and cyber-physical security methods. We conduct experiments using unmanned aerial/ground robot platforms to validate the theoretical solutions.

laboratory drone photo


The lab includes a high-ceiling flight area equipped with VICON motion capture camera system and off-board computing workstations. The aerial platforms available for testing and implementation include Crazyflie 2.1 nano-copters, Parrot A.R. drones, and a heavy-duty DJI M600 hexacopter with a maximum payload capacity of 6kg for outdoor tests.


Hamid Jafarnejad Sani

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