Robotics and Automation Laboratory


The Robotics and Automation Laboratory was founded in August 2005 by Prof. Yi Guo and is engaged in research in autonomous mobile robots and control systems. The laboratory develops fundamental understanding in autonomous mobility and robot cooperation, and provides computational algorithms for increasing cooperative mobility of mobile robotic systems. Control system synthesis spans multi-agent systems, communication systems, electric power systems, and nano-scale systems.

Robotic and automation systems are needed for a variety of applications in civil and military missions. The application domains include security, surveillance and reconnaissance, planetary exploration, search and rescue, cleanup of hazardous waste, mining, transportation, manufacturing, rehabilitation and service, agricultural industry, biomedical industry, ocean and coastal engineering, and aerospace engineering.


Yi Guo


See Yi Guo's publications here.

Research Areas

  • Cooperative and autonomous mobile robotics

  • Nonlinear systems and control

  • Distributed sensor networks

  • Nano-scale systems and control

  • Distributed control of power systems