The multi-user MicroDevice Laboratory (MDL) is housed within an 800 square feet clean room at Stevens.

Students at computer in the microdevice lab

MicroDevice Lab Capabilities

Device Design

Coupled micro-electro-mechanical-optical-fluidic analysis


Mask aligner, Spin coater, Nanoimprintor, Bake ovens, Wet bench, Microscope

Device Testing

Probe station, SEM, AFM, SAXS, Microscope

Etch & Deposition

DRIE, ICP, XeF2 etcher, Wet etch bench, PVD, Thermal evaporator, MVD

MicroDevice Lab Director: EH Yang 

EH Yang has extensive experience in developing micro- and nano-fabrication technologies, MEMS devices, and nanomaterials. Prior to Stevens, he was a Senior Member of the Engineering Staff at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, responsible for obtaining funding from NRO, DARPA and NASA. 

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