AI and machine learning are embedded in multiple areas of research at Stevens, leading to discoveries in defense and security, medical applications, the increased functionality of autonomous vehicles — and much more.

Machines can now mimic sophisticated problem-solving functions similar to the human mind, advancing the cognitive processes that allow them to learn without being programmed. Stevens research in artificial intelligence and machine learning includes sophisticated methods of password detection, medical diagnostics and financial fraud prevention.

Stevens also leads in cybersecurity research and education. As individuals, corporations and governments generate increasing amounts of data, they face new cyber-threats against networks, information systems and infrastructures. Our strength in cybersecurity — reaching from mathematical foundations, formal methods, privacy, network and systems security, and cybersecurity in critical infrastructure — confronts increasingly sophisticated and damaging cyberattacks while also addressing the pressing needs of the nation's cybersecurity workforce.

GOOGLE RESEARCH DIRECTOR Peter Norvig discusses AI with Stevens President Nariman Farvardin

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